Harp Rack Management
Harp Racks can be set up for Toughening/Tempering, Processing/Fabrications and for different sheet types. Allocations to individual slots in racks is optionally done at batching time or at optimisation time.

One Day Production Sites
Option of customisable reports for each work area.

Capacity Management
Parameters provide the means to turn work units into time units to compare against capacities measured in seconds. A capacity viewer displays the percentage of capacity reached by work in different work areas with the ability to view the contributing order lines. Capacity viewer has its own Hotkey for fast access.

Barcoding Work Sign Off
Barcodes on labels identify individual parts and prevent double-signing off. Barcoding screen displays the details of barcodes scanned and provides audible and visual warnings of misreads. Signoffs can also be done manually either against work area or against an order.

Furnace Report able to be produced, listing all orders toughened/tempered sorted by sheet thickness and then by sheet type.

Additional Barcoding Functionality
Options are available to do remakes while interrupting signoffs with a large screen message to show the operator from a distance when the Remake operation is active.

Stock taking, truck loading, despatch and final label printing for DGU/IGUs are also options.

Messages can be sent to barcoding workstations.

View Progress
Shows progress of any order with a summarised or detailed display of work areas and work done or to be done.

True Production Costs
A simple method provides reasonable and accurate cost of production from up to 8 different sources such as work area operating costs, payroll costs, power costs etc,

Order Entry Warnings
Lead times against different work areas provide for warning operators when an order is unlikely to be able to be delivered by a particular delivery date.