New Module

External Job Scheduler


This module is a new module, which is used for scheduling external work associated with different job types. A very simple-to-use scheduling screen shows work to be done and permits easy rescheduling, completion and production of work schedules. This gives a manager a good tool to monitor, distribute and manage all the jobs to be done.

Display Screen

As shown below, the individual jobs are displayed in the colour selected for the Job Area/Location they belong to.

At the bottom of each column of jobs is the total of jobs and duration in hours for those jobs.

The bottom half displays information about the currently selected job highlighted in the movable bar on the top half.

The left-hand side display details from the Works Order and the right-hand side displays all the job visits for that works order. Each one shows the job date, time, job description and if the job is overdue and/or awaiting delivery.

On the bottom lines are the Job Area/Location and finally the number of glass parts, total glass area and sheet types used on the job.


  • Simplicity: Consistent with all our modules, simplicity is the basic and main purpose. For example, when need to change a job to another day, you only need to use the arrow keys to move the job around. The easy-to-use design ensures less time and costs for training, and the greater probability that the system will be used because it removes all barriers to its use.
  • Flexibility: If there is a need to have several different teams/contractors work on a particular job visit, and the job needs to appear on their own individual printed Works Schedules, just use the Copy button provided in the screen for jobs for that Works Order. Then, all you need to do is changing the employee name.
  • End-of-day Reminder: At the end of each day, each job or each stage of each job could be marked as "Complete" or rescheduled.
  • Colour distinguished: Different Job Areas/Locations are separated by different colours, and the individual jobs are also displayed in the colour selected for the Job Area/Location they belong to.
  • Convenience: The job schedule can either be seen on the screen, or printed as a report to carry with you.

  • Customer Feedback

    This module is now running at sites in New Zealand and Australia and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

    One customer said, "this is the best thing you have done for us".

    Another customer said, "I didn't think that you could make it as easy to use as it is! You've got a winner!"

    Now we are recommending this to all our customers who glaze as an invaluable tool to save time and money by making it easier to monitor all their jobs.

    In the next stage of development that we are already working on, we are incorporating a commission scheme so that employees or contractors earn commission for the visits they carry out. Once complete this will provide a valuable addition to our software module range for glass shops.

    Software does not have to be hard to use. It does require though a developer committed to simplicity and to satisfying customer needs. This module demonstrates that users will welcome software that allows them to use it effectively in performing their work.